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80 20 Mortgage Loan

80 20 mortgages are also known as zero down or no down payment loans. The 80 20 loan has been very popular in the past several years. Today to qualify for 80/20 takes good or excellent credit, preferably excellent. These loans are increasingly hard to qualify for. 80 20 mortgage loans can be considered two loans - a first mortgage of 80% of the value of the home and the second mortgage of 20%, which is normally the required down payment but is covered by the loan. This type of loan allows you not to have to pay anything down. Cover your home mortgage refinance loan and cover you PMI, which can provide much lower rates than other 100% loans.

The greatest advantage of this type of loan is that you can buy a home without needing any savings.

  • The major drawback, in addition to the very high qualifying threshold, is that the total interest over the life of the loan is higher than had the borrower paid the 20% down payment.
  • This loan type also produces little home equity in the first few years until a significant amount of money has been paid off in principal.
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Save your Money by 80 20 Loan

If you have excellent credit, you can save the hassle of putting money from your personal savings down and keep your payments low with an 80 20 mortgage from one of USLoanz’s mortgage lending partners. This is a creative way to easily structure home financing with two loans. 80 20 loan is also a great idea for homeowners who want to put either 5% or 10% down, as this option is similar to the 80 20 mortgage option. The only major costs to start are the closing costs and fees associated with the two loans. Keep your savings and opt for an 80 20 loan at USLoanz. Apply now for 80 20 mortgage loan if you think this is the right option for you and you have excellent credit.

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